Floor Carpets Installation in Nairobi and all of Kenya

We install carpets for homes, offices, schools, churches, mosques in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Machakos, Kiambu, Nakuru, Nyeri, Muranga, Kirinyaga, Thika, Busia, Kisii and the rest of Kenya. The many benefits of wall-to-wall carpets include noise reduction, insulation, expansive patterns, and the unmatched beauty of wall-to-wall coverage in Kenya. Wall-to-wall carpet is carpet installed over the entire floor or large portion of the floor. Wall-to-wall carpet is sold as “broadloom” carpet, meaning it is shipped in long, wide rolls and then installed in your space by a professional carpet installer.

We have Wall to wall carpets Collection ideal for offices, Churches, Mosques, Homes ,Shopping malls, staircase etc. Bestcare Interiors is the leading wall to wall carpets supply and installation company in Nairobi, Kenya with 100% successful project turnover. We offer wall to wall carpeting for every conceivable installation. Our Carpets are available 4m and 5m width and some in a narrow 1m width for fully fitting on stairs, along with a collection of 80/20 and 100% wool woven axminsters in stunning tartans & checks, Be Quirky Bee and Be Quirky Designer collections, Safari animal prints and the stain resistant Soverign woven wilton collection. Our Professional team will ensure that your wall to wall project not only goes smoothly and on time. Our wall to wall carpets are available in different patterns, color,dimensions,thickness and texture, from the luxury executive wall to wall carpets to delta carpets wall to wall carpets. We have wall to wall carpets are ideal for offices,homes,hotels,hospitals,kindergartens,churches & Mosques carpets etc.

Wall to wall carpets come in diverse range of patterns, texture and colors, they include;

Delta – 4mm thick
Maasai mara – 6mm thick
Madagascar – 8mm thick
Executive(VIP Red Carpet)-10mm thick
Silken touch
Wilton touch both( plain and pattern carpet)
Presidential Carpets
For projects with big design ambitions i.e Boardrooms and Church Alters a wall-to-wall carpet can be the ideal choice of floor covering. Wall-to-wall carpet provides the foundation of a room’s design. Nothing beats the seamless beauty and comfort of wall-to-wall carpet in your space. Our large, curated selection of fibers, colors, and patterns empowers you to transform your space to match your unique tastes and lifestyle. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Why Install wall to wall carpet ?

Wall to wall carpets are an effective way to keep heat in the home/office especially during cold seasons. So this floor covering is an effective way to keep your home or office warm.

Benefits of wall to wall Carpets include:

1.Comfort: When it comes to flooring options, then carpets are definitely the most comfortable choice! Modern carpets are very luxurious, making it ideal for homes. Kicking off your shoes has never been as comfortable as when walking barefoot on you luxurious and soft carpet. Many people prefer carpets for their home’s living space and bedrooms, due to the sheer comfort it offers them. This is also the reason why most top hotels and accommodation establishments install carpets in their rooms – creating a luxurious atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

2.Insulation: Carpets can do wonders for a home’s insulation. Carpets offer the benefit of keeping the warmth inside your home during the extremely cold winter months, and you will even possible spend less on electricity and appliances to keep your home warm. The same principle applies to warmer summer months, by insulating your home against the heat.

3.Durability: Wall to Wall Carpets are durable and lasting. If properly cleaned and cared for, your carpets will maintain its life and beauty for many years.

4.Safety: Tiled floors are usually slippery when wet and loose carpets can easily shift under your feet leading to falls and injuries. This is especially a concern in a public environment or workplace, where the safety of customers and employees is necessary. It is also ideal for home with children and seniors as occupants, minimizing the occurrence of falls.

5.Décor: There are many different carpets colors, textures and designs, which means that you will find a carpet that fits your décor perfectly. A new carpet will complement your home and room’s décor perfectly, offering the perfect finish to your interior

Hotel wall to wall carpeting

Our carpet price guarantee means you will always pay the cheapest price for high quality wall to wall carpet.As part of our rich customer service we offer free carpet estimates and if you are unsure on which carpet to choose, we can send you carpet samples on request anywhere in Kenya.Bestcare Interiors E.A ltd also offers discounted wall to wall carpets fitting services to all customers who purchase wall to wall carpets from us .We also stock carpet installation accessories like carpet grippers, joining tapes,adhesives,carpet underlays/padding and knaplocks

At Bestcare Interiors, Customer service is core Value Call us today for a free site visit & wall to wall Carpet Quote Today in Kenya

Wall-to-wall carpets from us means the floors in your project will be • unique, modern and inviting • improve the working environment • Eco-friendly • easy to lay and maintain

Office/Conference hall carpeting in Nairobi,Kenya

How to install carpets in your Home or Office.
Wall to wall carpets can be installed in two major ways:

1.Using an adhesive-In this method an adhesive is used to glue the carpet together with the floor permanently,this method is popular as its easy to install and cost effective

Note:This method is effective only for smooth floor i.e tiles.

2.Use of carpet padding or underlay-This method uses an under cushion material called underlay placed between the floor and the carpet.This is the most professional way of installing carpets as it insulates the carpet from the floor giving it spongy feeling.At the edges the carpet is clipped using carpet grippers and a joining tape is used to seam joints.Transition strips known as naplocks are used at carpet termination points like doors


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