Dry Cleaners pickup & delivery Services in Nairobi

Get the best Dry Cleaners pickup & delivery Services in Nairobi Kenya. There’s nothing more dissatisfying than ruining your immaculate, dry cleaned and professionally pressed clothes by collecting them in a bag from your local dry cleaners in Nairobi. And all this, after finding the time to get to and back from the place, not to mention fighting over a convenient parking spot…

So, leave the whole running around and queueing to us by booking our time-saving and hassle-free dry cleaning pick up and delivery service in Nairobi today! Bestcare Cleaners offers free collection and delivery to complement your dry cleaning service order, which will be completed in line with your expectations for quality and fast results.

The cleaners are using a efficiet dry cleaning solution, that is safe for the environment and yourself. Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic and naturally occurring gas, which in its liquid form has proven its qualities as a solvent. The use of pressurised industry leading solvents in dry cleaning is safe  for your garment and eco-friendly option. Once the washing cycle is finished the CO2 is collected and re-used. The process does not leave harmful chemicals on your clothes or in the environment.

Dry Cleaners pickup & delivery Nairobi
Dry Cleaners pickup & delivery Nairobi

We can assist with your dry cleaning needs anywhere within the Nairobi Country Metropolis zone in Nairobi, Monday to Sunday. Just place your order online in less than a minute and we’ll assign a driver to come and collect your items on a day that suits you.

How our dry cleaning pick up and delivery services in Nairobi usually works

First of all, click on any of the pink buttons on this page and customize your order. Tell us what we’ll have to pick up for dry cleaning and if there is anything specific about your garments we should be aware of. Set the day and time you want us to come, too.

A driver will visit you at the appointed time frame and pick your order. He will take your belongings to a trusted dry cleaner, where they will be quickly and efficiently cleaned to perfection.

Dry cleaning Delivery in Nairobi by your favourite Dry Cleaner Company

The dry cleaning delivery driver will visit you again within 24 hours from picking up your order to deliver your clothes and other garments back – clean, fresh, and perfectly pressed.

As simple as that! You will have your garments collected, professionally dry cleaned, ironed and delivered back to your door within 24 hours. Thanks to this laundry pick up and delivery option you don’t need to waste your time waiting on queues. Isn’t that fantastic?!

Frequently asked questions about our dry cleaning pick up and delivery services in Nairobi

Q: Can you collect my clothes on a Sunday for dry cleaning?

A: Yes, we work every day of the week.

Q: How do you charge for your dry cleaning pick up and delivery services in Nairobi?

The prices are based on the volume and types of items that you need dry cleaned.

Q: Is there a minimum charge for dry cleaning services in Nairobi?

Yes. A minimum order value of Ksh.800 applies.

Q: Who do I contact if I’m not happy with the dry cleaning service?

Please, get in touch with our customer service representatives, who will assist you promptly and resolve your issue.

Q: Do I need to separate the laundry and dry cleaning items, if I need both of the dry cleaner services in Nairobi?

Yes, please do. This will ensure everything will be processed as per your requirements. We strongly advise using a separate bag for each type of service you require (laundry, dry cleaning, ironing, etc).


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