Equipment Moving Services


Get the best equipment moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.

The time may come when you notice your manufacturing business has outgrown your facility. This may mean a facility expansion or new construction to improve infrastructure or modify production areas. Perhaps even a complete plant relocation will be necessary. In any of these events, it is crucial to ensure the safe relocation of your valuable production machinery. Whether you’re transporting existing or brand new industrial equipment, it is important to select an experienced heavy equipment mover for the job so that your industrial machinery is safely transported, relocated, and installed.


There are many reasons why moving and rigging heavy equipment can be complex and may often present extra challenges for any business. Facilities are complex structures that contain many intricate systems, moving parts, and heavy machinery. Moving any of these parts without proper planning or expertise can be disastrous. In order to prepare for facility relocation, new facility construction or retrofitting, there are many issues to consider. The following potential issues are examples of situations to be aware of:

  • Modifications: New equipment and conveyor configurations may need on-site modifications for full installation even in new machinery installations.
  • Customizations: Established manufacturing facilities may be challenged when consolidating existing equipment from multiple locations due to needed customizations and constraints in the existing building structure.
  • Installation: Manufacturer differences in production equipment, conveyor connections, and system controls may create installation issues.
  • Equipment damage: Damage to production equipment may occur during the dismantling phase if industrial equipment movers are not familiar with your business or do not have the required expertise.
  • Delays: Equipment installations may be delayed if machine movers do not install equipment promptly, causing excessive downtime.
  • Hidden fees: Some firms may charge hidden fees, such as extra travel costs, which can be avoided by selecting a firm with a proven track record for speed and successful installation.


Our company  has the tools and experienced personnel to offer complete project management of your equipment move. As your partner in heavy equipment moving, the expertise of our machine movers during your equipment relocation is critical to avoiding downtime, damaged equipment, or costly over-charges. As your professional equipment mover, BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA can also provide equipment modification and improvement services to adapt your machines to the new site. Using a professional equipment moving firm like BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA that offers both construction capability as well as heavy moving and installation experience with the ability to complete all conveyor connections and system controls, will ensure production continuity and the best results.


Even with the best planning, sometimes things don’t go as planned. In the event of a delay or gap in your schedule between moving and installation, you will need to partner with a trusted equipment mover who can guarantee safe storage for your machinery. As your provider of professional moving solutions, BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA can offer this peace of mind to provide temporary secure storage for your valuable equipment.

Your production installation team should have full facility contractor capabilities who will provide ongoing industrial support. BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA is your production equipment installation contractor with strong client references. We offer a site visit to a recent project for you to gain insight and see for yourself first-hand. There you will get a preview of our knowledge and commitment to the successful installation of your production equipment relocation as well as our ability to handle all of your future upgrade requirements.


BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA will use the same level of care and expertise to relocate your production equipment short moves across town or longer moves across the country. No matter the distance of your move, we can provide complete design and installation of production systems from concept to optimum output. With the ability to adapt equipment to your new site or complete structural modifications to improve utilization of an existing facility, we ensure the most creative solutions for all industrial applications. In addition to equipment moving services anywhere in the nation, we are able to provide new or upgraded electrical services, program and install production equipment controls, complete building modification and reinforcements, complete mechanical installations or improvements, and other necessary construction services to streamline your equipment or production system installation. The BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA team of certified rigging, crane and forklift operators is fully trained to handle your equipment moves. Safety of the equipment and safety of all site personnel is always a top priority and carefully managed in every equipment move and installation.

Our years of equipment moving experience within industrial facilities has also trained us to look for the most cost-effective approach that will limit the impact to existing production areas and often requires the use of compact hoisting and rigging equipment. The ability to remove and install equipment within limited aisle and building clearance not only saves manufacturing downtime, it also significantly decreases the overall project costs by reducing the amount of building and existing equipment modifications necessary to gain access for the new equipment. BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA can complete all of your equipment moving needs with full-service capabilities including the following:

Compact hoisting and heavy rigging equipment capacity from 3,000 to 60,000 pounds
Jacking system up to 300 tons
Dollie system up to 200 tons
Crane hoist capacity up to 210 tons
Heavy equipment transport within Springfield or across Missouri or anywhere in the nation
Dismantle, crate, transport, reassemble and position single piece equipment or entire production areas
Set, anchor, and install electrical and mechanical connections to fully complete equipment installation
As a leader in industrial construction services, BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA ’s expert equipment movers complete relocations quickly, providing extra time efficiency and cost savings. They will work with you to avoid schedule delays and meet your production deadline goals. In order to keep vital production running, industrial equipment can be moved in stages. Through advanced critical path preparation, our teams can quickly move and install equipment as well as complete any required upgrades to your industrial systems.

Domestic Moving and Relocation


Get the best domestic moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.


Are you moving soon? We are affordable and experienced movers in Nairobi, Kenya. Request your free estimate by filling out our quick form above.

domestic moving services in nairobi kenya
domestic moving services in nairobi kenya

Is it that time that you are thinking of relocating to another apartment, a house or a better office for your business? If you are looking for a delivery service company that doesn’t break the bank but also keeps a high standard when it comes to caring for your priceless household goods or your expensive work laptops, desk top computers, furniture, all work related equipment and everything in between, then Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya is the best choice for you. We are a licensed moving and relocation company ready and able to help with any and all kinds of projects you may have in mind.

We have a great well trained and skilled customer service team that’s always ready to answer any of your moving questions and also take your orders. Our truck drivers have undergone extensive training and background checks and are simply the best at manning our removal trucks. Our loaders and unloading experts are also the best packers and movers around in Kenya. They have extensive training and they have experience that enables them to deliver excellent results to all of our moving clients. They can handle any size moves. You simply won’t go wrong by picking us.


When it comes to movers, your best bet in hiring your next moving company is first by knowing exactly what your moving needs are and pairing them up with the best moving company to help meet them.

That can be quite a challenge especially because there’s a long list of relocating companies available in Nairobi city and though out Kenya. Often times you find that your local, or national, or international highly rated moving and relocation company might not be the company to offer the best moving services at the best and affordable prices to meet your expectations. Cheap movers with their cheap moving trucks can cost you a lot too if they don’t have the experience and the knowledge to perform their services.

Here at Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya, Our removal service Packages are made to be flexible and can be adjusted and readjusted to meet all of your moving requirements. Some of our clients require only a driver and a truck to move. In this case, they will hire our truck and driver and get their own moving helpers or get family and friend to help them in the packing and loading of the truck, and also the un-load and the arranging of the house hold goods at the final destination. We also do commercial transport work and serve office moving clients who only need a truck and they get their stuff members to help in the loading and un-loading. This kind of flexibility and custom arrangements help our clients save money and stay on budget while also getting some great services from us.

We also serve clients who need our loading and unloading experts to take care of the moving process from unpacking to packing end to end. We have all the packages to cater for any unique needs our customers may have.


It’s no secret that we are actually the best among all movers in Nairobi, Kenya. We have achieved this by making sure that we equip our removal experts and our truck drivers with ongoing skills and training to better serve our clients. Below is some of our transportation, relocations and delivery services we offer.


Are you moving house soon? The list of house movers in Nairobi is actually a very long, long one. To make sure that we are on top and stand apart from our competition, we make sure that we go beyond the normal expectation of all of our esteemed clients. Most of our apartment and house moving new business comes to us through word of mouth from our previous happy clients. This tell you that we are doing something right and we are proud of it. We have a fleet that will satisfy all kinds of our client’s requirements. We have pickup trucks, cargo vans, all sizes of canter trucks and tow trucks available and we can take all kinds of jobs from small delivery assignments to huge goods and cargo transportation and delivery work. Learn more about our apartment and house packers and movers services HERE or order for your house or apartment removal here.


Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya provides corporate movers services to all businesses looking to change office locations in Nairobi, Kenya and beyond. We know how challenging the thought of relocating large offices can be and we are here to help ease that and make sure that all of your office equipment, furniture and paintings are packaged well and all the goods reach their final office location without damages. We provide very affordable prices and will make custom adjustable removals and transportation packages to cater for all of your unique needs. Find out more about our office moving service here or make your order now here.


We all know that accidents and car breakdowns are un predictable and we have to do the best we can to make sure that we are well prepared if the unfortunate occasional breakdown happens and you need a tow truck to get your car to a garage or some other safer place. We have a service we call “Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya Towing on Demand” where we provide towing services to all our client. We have flatbed tow trucks to make sure that your car is not damaged further while it’s being transported. Find out and learn more about our towing truck services here. Order for our tow truck transport services here.


We are you looking for transporters who can provide you with heavy machinery Relocating and transporting services? Oversized and heavy machines moving and relocation projects require different types of packaging and transporting trucks to ensure they are expertly and securely packed for the move in accordance with the laws.

machine moving and relocation services nairobi kenya
machine moving and relocation services nairobi kenya

Here at Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya, we specialize in this kind of cargo transport and we have experts onboard to make sure your cargo is fastened well before the move. Our machinery relocation equipment includes forklift, hydraulic jacks, rollers, cranes and our heavy machine moving expert technicians. To order for our heavy machine delivery services, please call  0725548383


Are you looking to move from one county to another or across the country? Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya will get you there safely and on time! Here at Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya we are known for great customer service and we work hard to keep that reputation for our local relocating clients.

office moving services home moving domestic moving international moving machine moving nairobi kenya mover storage
office moving services home moving domestic moving international moving machine moving nairobi kenya mover storage

We have brought the same professional skills to develop our expedited and value packed long distance relocations service in order to meet our client needs. With our long distance packages, you can expect safe and quick transportation time to your new location.

Taking into account of our outstand customer service, affordable long distance moving packages and our long distance relocations experts, there’s no reason for you not to order for your move today.


Whether you are renovating your home, cleaning up your home or office area, cleaning up after a building construction project or anything else in between, you will benefit from our junk removal services.

exhauster services nairobi kenya waste sludge sewage trucks rent
exhauster services nairobi kenya waste sludge sewage trucks rent

If you are looking to cleanup, we are the number 1 rated company when it comes to junk removal. Our customer service is ready to answer all of you question and our junk removal experts happily do a great job. Call us today to make your order: 0725548383


At Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya removals and relocation, we handle all kinds of international moving jobs. We provide our clients with all kinds of international moving related services that you may require. Our customer service is just a phone call away to answer to any and all of your questions that you may have while you try to prepare for your relocation from one country or location to the next. Our International moving division helps our clients move effortlessly and we hold their hands and guide them through the correct steps that could otherwise result to mistakes and unnecessary issues that may cause delays.

Our logistics and international movers have extensive experience which not many relocating companies here in Nairobi and Kenya in general can handle. We also provide you with enough storage for your goods should you need one. We are here to help you relocate without much hustle. Take advantage of all our international relocating, expatriate mobility and logistics services. Let us safely keep your house hold goods at our storage locations and help take a load off your mind. Find out more about our international relocating services here and call us


WIt is so surprising how quickly we do accumulate things over a period of time, and which is why Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya’s household storage and warehousing services for our international movers is exceptionally useful and so much in demand. Whether you are a Kenyan looking for storage and relocation or an expatriate going home for a visit and just needs a storage for a short while or a long period, we can help. Find out more about our storage and warehousing services here and call us to get our experts help at: +254 794681029


We handling all kinds of the last mile moving and delivery jobs that helps get our clients’ goods to their doorstep. We handle individual and corporate furniture deliveries, and anything in between for both organizations, commercial and residential clients. We also do super market and mall deliveries for our clients buying bulky goods like washing machines, fridges, furniture, carpets, gas cookers and cylinders, etc. We also do perishable goods transporting which involves all kinds of foods and farming produce goods using our refrigerated fiber glass trucks. If you have any moving project whether big or small and you are wondering if Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya will do it, just call us and chances are that we do! We are the best furniture movers and our number is: 0725548383


We are working to develop a product we call “cube Relocations services” that will further save our clients’ money when it comes to cheaper moving. The service will work by us providing clients with moving containers where they get like 1 to 3 days to pack it with their good, and then our driver comes with a moving truck and picks it to deliver the goods to the new location. This kind of transportation service will help our movers willing to do the loading and unloading themselves save more money from the moving costs. No removal companies offer the service at the moment. Find out more about our BESTCARE MOVING SERVICES NAIROBI KENYA service here.


At Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya we make custom packages for all kinds of moves which means that we can match or beat all of the other moving companies in Kenya. Some projects may require extra fees but we keep our clients informed all through the process and unlike other companies, we never charge any extra fees apart from the agreed amounts before taking the job. Our costing includes packing and unpacking services, extra pick-ups at a storage facility or disassembling furniture. There is no obligation to just order or call us to get your moving quotes. You won’t regret contacting us to get your no obligation FREE ESTIMATE.


We aren’t joking when we say we are simply the best solution for you when it comes to all kinds or removals. We know that there is a lot of competition when it comes to movers and packers service providers in Nairobi and Kenya in General. But if you are looking for creative local movers who are flexible and can meet all of your needs at an affordable cost, then Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya is the company to contact today. Some of our competitors are BESTCARE MOVING SERVICES NAIROBI KENYA, Alpha, Nellions, Ahadi, KejaMove, Prestige and AGS to name just but a few of the local moving companies. Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya is the best among them all and our services are pocket friendly compared to all of them. ORDER FOR YOUR MOVE TODAY HERE.


Moving is one of the things that no one really enjoys doing but there comes a time that you have to move. When that time comes, the best thing you can do to make it easy for you and your movers is prepare well in advance. We have made a list of really good moving preparation guideline you can follow to make the experience as painless as possible. Find out more at how to prepare for house moving here. Find out how to prepare for office moving here.