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Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya

Get high quality borehole drilling services at affordable rates in Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa and the rest of Kenya. We Drill boreholes and develop wells for homes, schools, community centers, organization and businesses.

Enjoy Top Notch Affordable Borehole Drilling Services in Nairobi, Mombasa, Machakos, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kitui, Isiolo, Turkana and the rest of Kenya

Borehole design, Borehole drilling and Borehole development is a complex operation. If you are considering installing a borehole and you would like the experience to be as streamlined and successful as possible then there are some key pointers to be aware of so that you can reduce what can be a frustating, time consuming and expensive affair.

borehole drilling nairobi kenya services
borehole drilling nairobi kenya services


You are here, so its very likely that you have gone through the pros and cons of acquiring borehold drilling services and owning your own sufficient borehole. We however take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of having your own borehole on your premises.

best cheapest borehole drilling drillers services nairobi kenya kiambu machakos
best cheapest borehole drilling drillers services nairobi kenya kiambu machakos

1. Huge savings on your water bill

You get water directly from nature and therefore, you are able to cut down on consumption. You have more water for , farming, cleaning, farm animals consumption and other uses.

2. Provides water security for your family

With your own borehole, you are guaranteed a continuous source of water. Water cuts whether by design or by accident have less effect on your water consumption rates for you, your home, family, institution or center.

3.Water independence

Going by the previous point, your own borehole grants you a better leve of independence on where you source your water. It definitely is desirable.

4. An investment / business opportunity

A borehole grants you the ability to avail water to the community or homes around you. You are at the discretion of how you make this happen. Whether its by charity or business. A borehole is indeed commercially viable. You are also able to save on expenditures on water and can allocate your financial resources to other needs.

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Then again, everything comes with a cost and downsides. In this case, Drilling a borehole also has its challenges.

1. A messy process whereby your garden will need a period to renew.

The process will entail digging up loads of soil and dirt. Your well kept lawn could be messedup for the duration of the borehole drilling proccess. And it will need restoration and renewal. However, looking at the advantages of the final product, this con can be overlooked.

2. No guarantee of finding water (although we have a 100% success rate)

Its true that you are not guaranteed to find water at some of the spots you need your borehole drilled. However, our geological experts will do the necessary studies and assessments to ensure that the spot where the borehole drilling is conducted, is the right spot. And we can guarantee you with a 100%level of surerity, that once we start the drilling process, it wont be a futile process.

What is the Difference Between a Wellpoint and a Borehole?

a). Well

A Wellpoint is possible to be installed where the geological formation are favourable, preferably porous soil and the water table is relatively close to the surface. It consists of a PVC / polyethylene pipe inserted into the soil with a centrifugal pump mounted on the surface.

b). Borehole

The installation of a wellpoint takes approximately 2-4 hours. A Borehole is a much deeper extraction. A Borehole can have the depth of about 30 to 100 meters or even more. A large PVC / polyethylene casing are used to be able to install a submersible pump to extract the water to the surface. To install a borehole it can take approximately 3-5 days.

Our Exclusive Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya

Bestcare Services specializes in Wellpoint and Borehole drilling and maintenance. We offer a complete service that cover all aspects of wellpoints and boreholes.

  • Agriculture, Industrial & Domestic Borehole Drilling : Borehole drilling services for home owners to use on their farmlands, for agricultural use and domestic use. Have enough water to irrigate your crop and feed your farm animals. And some more water for your home-use.
  • Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Boreholes : When you have an old borehole that has been unused for some time, for one reason or another, reach out to us to help with rehabilitation, dredging, cleanup and reinstation.
  • Domestic & Industrial Pump Sales & Repairs : we deal in water pumps to help with retrieving water from your borehole, automating your water supply system by pumping the borehole water into your shower, taps and usage points.
  • Water Tank Storage Systems :
  • All Electrical Installations of Equipment
  • Irrigation Design & Installation
  • Excellent After Sale Service
  • Valve and Pipework

Dial 0722466091 For Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya


Prior to all the whole borehole drilling service and borehole accessories installations, we provide a written quotation. This will indicate the schedule of work and the associated costs, with our terms and conditions.

To provide you with a quotation, we need information about your requirements and location of the works. This can be provided via correspondence and a reconnaisance. With our knowledge and your information a quote will be ready in no time.

borehole drilling in kiambu, machakos, kajiado and nakuru keya
borehole drilling in kiambu, machakos, kajiado and nakuru keya

Dowsing: We have installed hundreds of boreholes without using the method of dowsing, but to put your mind at rest, we will put you in touch with a professional geophysicist on your request. He will charge a fee for his service and provide you with a hydro geological survey.

Boreholes are highly sought after facilities. With the expensive water rates and weather patterns, attention has increasingly focused on the necessity of this vital resource.

With prices now increasing plus standing charges, your wellpoint or borehole water supply can save huge amounts of money. A properly designed borehole can pay for itself, sometimes in a matter of months.

Borehole and wellpoint water supplies offer huge savings to many users, sport fields, housing schemes, farms and leisure centres. The installation of a borehole or wellpoint adds extra value to your property.

Constructing a Borehole after the Borehole Drilling process

You have to make sure that the contractor drilling your borehole or wellpoint has experience in your area. How he drills your borehole is just as important as where it is drilled.

In Kenya, Rotary Mud drilling is the most used due to the ground structure. After drilling to the required depth and water is found, the boreholes is lined with PVC casing (made of plastic) or steel casing depending on the ground structure.

Special screens are slotted (screened) to allow the water through at the right pressure. These slots avoid sediment being drawn in along with the water. The thickness of the PVC (class 16 PVC) is determined by the depth of the hole. The thinner classifications is class 12 or class 9.

The area around the screened PVC (annulus) is packed with gravel (grade 6) or 16/30 sand that act as a filter. The borehole is now ready to be “developed”. This is done by using a compressor to blow out the chemically treated water. This proses is done until perfectly clear water appears.

If the borehole is not “developed” it can have a big influence on the amount of water produced by the borehole. Steel casing is used only if a hard formation is encountered. The method of drilling will change from mud to rotary drilling to air percussion drilling. Steel sleeves are lowered down until the “rock” is struck. The air percussion drilling will proceed until water is struck. Clean and clear water is normally found in these rocks.

If it is necessary to line the hole with PVC, the PVC casing is inserted into the steel casing. The annulus between the steel and PVC is filled with gravel or 16/30 filter sand to act as a filter. The final, but very important part, is lowering a reliable stainless steel submersible pump, powered by electricity into the boreholes. The pump will bring water to the surface under pressure.

The size of the pump is determined by the flow of the water and the depth of the hole. A proper borehole for domestic purposes should deliver between 500 and 3500 litres of water per hour. Great care is taken in the way we do the engineering of the hole. We use safe, non-toxic materials within the boreholes.

best cheapest borehole drilling drillers services nairobi kenya kiambu machakos
best cheapest borehole drilling drillers services nairobi kenya kiambu machakos

Borehole Maintenance (Borehole maintenance services in Kenya)

Why install a perfect and high quality borehole if you don’t maintain it? Prevention is better than cure. To keep your borehole at peak efficiency, and minimize the possibility of a breakdown it is recommended that the borehole and pumps are serviced on a yearly basis.

Borehole Maintenance and Rehabilitation:

We offer services to assist with the maintenance and improvement of existing installations.

  1. Rehabilitation of existing boreholes (cleaning with compressor)
  2. Removing of borehole and booster pumps
  3. Pump testing
  4. Servicing of borehole and booster pumps
  5. Cleaning of holding tanks
  6. Upgrading of existing system
  7. Servicing and maintenance of such an expensive asset will ensure maximum lifespan of pumps and boreholes.

Commercial Borehole Drilling in Kenya

We have experience of working in all walks of life, farmers and companies requiring a private supply for their own production processes or for irrigation purposes.

bestcare borehole drilling kenya
bestcare borehole drilling kenya

Cutting Costs

Boreholes pay for themselves in a very short time. Frequently cutting costs by at least 80%. Users such as these benefit by cutting costs and making major savings on water resources related expenditure :

  1. Sports grounds and Golf courses
  2. Farms
  3. Domestic housing with small to big gardens
  4. Rural villages and communities
  5. Hospitals
  6. Schools and learning institutions

Borehole Pumps, Pump Parts and Pump Supplies

Each borehole and wellpoint requires its own specific pump and parts for optimal use.

  1. Submersible borehole pumps
  2. Wellpoint pumps
  3. Water Filters
  4. Booster pumps
  5. Fittings, pumps and valves

Water Storage Tanks

A water storage tank is fitted where the water pressure is not enough. Especially if you want to connect the water directly to your irrigation. Holding tanks vary in size and the size chosen will be determined after the amount of water is established from the borehole in conjunction with the quantity that is needed to irrigate.

A booster pump pumps water to the irrigation system. The filling of the storage tank from the borehole is attached via a level control device. Booster pumps vary in size depending on the needs and is fitted with a dry run protection unit. It can also be connected to stand up pipes around the property to feed hoses.


Bestcare Borehole Drilling Services is a privately owned company that specialises in professional drilling of boreholes throughout Kenya. We help individuals, home owners, schools, churches, community centers, water businesses, and other types of clients get highly efficient and productive boreholes.

Our borehole drilling services are available in Nairobi County, Machakos, Kajiado, Kiambu, Kitui, Mombasa, Malindi,Kwale, Nyeri, Meru, Embu, Isiolo, Samburu, Nakuru, Kisii, Kisumu, Kakamega, Busia, Vihiga, Uasin Gishu, Turkana, Migori, Nyandarua, Bomet and all the other counties, town and centers in Kenya.

Our team has more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise in this trade of business and all of our team members have a passion for what they do. Our outstanding experience and expertise are the foundation on which we built our reputation. Our employees also have years of experience in operating in different geological areas in Kenya.

Our services include (but are not limited to),

  1. Rotary air-percussion drilling,
  2. Odex drilling, water drilling,
  3. Exploration for mining,
  4. Drilling of blasting holes
  5. Drilling of holes for power lines.

We have also done numerous projects in the private sector for farmers, at residential properties, hospitals and in rural areas. Ee have drilled more than 700 boreholes.


The location of your borehole is mainly determined by the borehole’s purpose and requires desk study, site assessments, and surveys to assess the following considerations:

  • ​​Output What will it be used for? – Is it for drinking water, household use, irrigation or other water related functions?
  • Access Is there accessibility for the drilling team and equipment?
  • Location Is the proximity of the borehole location appropriate for its use?
  • Yield Will there be sufficient yield and appropriate water quality for the intended purpose?
  • Quality Have potential sources of water contamination been evaluated in the assessment?
  • Forms Has the required borehole application form been submitted to the municipality 14 days prior to abstraction?
bestcare borehole drilling services nairobi kenya
bestcare borehole drilling services nairobi kenya


Borehole design is important and necessary. A well designed borehole with a professional install should result in a cost effective, reliable, robust method of obtaining water for the future.

Further, a well designed borehole can protect the natural groundwater from becoming contaminated. Sadly, borehole design and development is one of the most overlooked aspects within the industry and not enough time, care or attention is put into this vital stage of the process.

Current climate models predict that boreholes as a long-term supply and quality  source of our groundwater should be highly considered.​


Optimisation Ensures that the borehole has the best opportunity to be fit for purpose e.g. highest yield with minimum drawdown

  1. Quality Best quality water possible for the installation
  2. Fresh Free from salt water intrusion near coastal areas
  3. Filtered Sand-free water
  4. Protected Appropriate protection from contamination


Two 1.5 m mud pits are dug

  • The first is to capture the cuttings that surface during the drilling process
  • The second mud pit is to recirculate the now cleaner water back into the hole which assists the boring process

Drilling commences to the desired depth. Once we have water we drop our PVC casings down (unless it is a rock/boulder drill where the process differs). Construct appropriate formation of casings, screens, gravel and chipstone backfill which help filter the water


Once you have a water supply our drillers will:

  1. Thoroughly flush the hole of all loose debris
  2. Insert the pump and let it run for 24 hours to remove any contaminants
  3. Assess the current water yield and improve if necessary
  4. Ensure the formation of the casings, screens and gravel allow for easy passage of the water into the borehole
  5. Ensure the borehole is fit for purpose e.g. yield, diameter, depth, casing and screen, gravel pack/formation etc.


  1. The hole is secured with a cap
  2. Electrical cables and the controls for the pump are run and tested
  3. The site is cleaned


There are three main types of borehole drill terrains :


Mud Rotary drilling is a versatile and dependable technique ideal for drilling into soft rocks, sand and clay layers. The process uses rotating hollow drill pipes which carry down drilling muds to lubricate, cool and clean the drill bit whilst drilling the hole.

​The Mud Rotary technique also coats the side of the borehole with a thin layer of clay from the drilling fluids which stabilises the wall of the borehole.

Once water has been located, the water is flushed clean and the walls of the borehole are stabilised with PVC casings.In Kenya, most areas are a combination of mud and rock drilling.


Rock Percussion drilling is used on hard rock layers and uses compressed air to drive a pneumatic hammer into the rock. ​Our rigs are combination rotary-percussion drilling, The combined hammering and rotation of the bit results in the relatively speedy penetration of hard rock.

​Once you have drilled through rock it is a solid hole which nothing can collapse into. ​In Kenya, most areas are a combination of mud and rock drilling.


In areas, like Somerset West, the underlying rock structure consists of large boulders which can collapse into the hole whist drilling. BESTCARE drilling is a specialised drilling technique in which steel casings are attached to the hammer part of the drill and protect the drill and drilling process from dislodged boulders.

The steel casings are left in the ground to maintain the structure of the hole. ​This method, like rock drilling, uses an air compressor which drives a pneumatic hammer through the rock.


As pertains to borehole drilling and development services in Kenya, we are able to deliver the services listed here with speed, precision and quality results, at affordable charges :


A variety of borehole drilling methods are used to assess the geophysical property of the underlying area for the drilling of boreholes in private and public sectors. The type of ground and geology of the site will determine depth of the borehole, because ground water flows differently at different locations. The purpose for drilling the borehole will also affect the water quality needed and processes used to sink the borehole successfully.


An excellent option when unconsolidated formations are too dense or cobbly for Auger Drilling. Odex is an adaptation of the down-hole air hammer system that is designed to advance casing during drilling. Once a desired depth is reached the eccentric bit can be retrieved leaving the casing in place for sampling or installations.


This is the initial phase of drilling for the purpose of determining the physical properties and boundaries of a reservoir. Exploration Drilling should occur before development drilling should take place.


The supply, installation and commissioning of a pump system depends largely on the depth of the borehole, piping and the amount of water to be pumped into the pressure requirements of the system. The borehole submersible pump will pump into a pressure tank linked to the main water supply of the borehole submersible pump, then pump out the tank using a pressure pump to the home.


Different diameter size drilling and depths required for power line poles.


Installing water filtration systems to ensure all undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases are removed from the water in order to produce water for all household purposes.


Borehole and pump maintenance is important to adhere to in order to ensure the best returns on your investment. Quality constructed private water supply systems require routine maintenance. With regular borehole maintenance check-ups you can not only extend the working life of the borehole but also maintain its efficiency and borehole yield.


Having gone through the detailed information about boreholes, why you need one, the drilling process, types of boreholes and the borehole drilling services that we offer in Kenya, here is how you can get our borehole drilling services :

#1 Borehole-drilling copany in nairobi kenya
#1 Borehole-drilling copany in nairobi kenya


We encourage our clients to request a basic drilling quotation before a site visit..


After the completion of the site visit and acceptance of the quotation, terms and conditions allocates a spot on the drilling list.


The drilling process is planned and prepared on-site before we commence with the drilling to ensure the client’s best interest is kept at heart.


We clean the premises and surrounding area after drilling. We will strive to return the area back to its normal state. Items of value should just be removed prior to the drilling process.


A water sample is tested to establish the quality of water. Test pump installed to determine per hour flow rate of borehole and installation depth.


After the flow rate test was completed we provide you with another quote for the borehole pump and other water services requirements.


After acceptance of the installation quotation we install the borehole pump and any other installations as required.


We visit our customers after installation to welcome you to the borehole family and ensure that you are satisfied with the completed work done on your premises.


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Home Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Enjoy high quality cleaning services for your offic by the #1 Cleaning Company in Nairobi Kenya

Reach out to us to enjoy top tier home cleaning services and office cleaning services from Nairobi’s #1 cleaning services provider. We conduct thorough domestic and commercial cleaning procedures for your residence and work-space.


Turning a house into a home takes a lot of investment – not just financially, but also in terms of time and emotion – so the last thing you probably want to be doing in your downtime is cleaning the home you’ve worked so hard to create.

Whether you’re a busy working mum, high-flying professional, a shift worker with irregular hours or something in between, having a regular domestic cleaner to help you to make the most of your home is more affordable and much more effective than you might think.

We’ve been cleaning Nairobi’s homes for 10 years now, and over that time we’ve used our expert knowledge to deliver exceptional quality, reliability and results to busy people just like you so that enjoying their home is a joy, not a chore.

cleaing services in nairobi westlands
cleaing services in nairobi westlands


When you choose Bestcare Cleaning Services Nairobi for your regular domestic cleaning you’re also choosing a company that is passionate about sustainability and the environment.

Working in partnership with specialist cleanign product suppliers in Kenya, we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and methods, meaning you’re also doing your bit to protect and help the environment.

Our regular domestic cleaning packages cover daily, weekly or fortnightly cleaning services that will keep pace with your own life and ensure you always have a spotless, calming space to come home to.

And because your house is your home, our expert cleaners will treat it as they would their own, using their own experience and expertise to care for your property in the way that you would want to care for it yourself.

Bestcare Cleaning Services Nairobi’s unrivalled specialist knowledge of modern regular domestic cleaning techniques and products means we’ll not only clean more effectively than you can – we’ll also achieve those outstanding results more quickly.


Our absolute priority in everything we do is to keep everyone as safe as possible. That’s especially important following the global pandemic and so we have strict policies and procedures in place to make sure our service meets government and health and safety guidelines.

antiviral disinfection and cleaning services in nairobi kenya
antiviral disinfection and cleaning services in nairobi kenya

We can also offer a one-off anti-viral or deep cleaning service so that you know that every room is as hygienically clean as it’s possible for it to be.

This specialist cleaning can be done prior to our regular domestic cleaning service starting and/or at regular intervals through the year as required.


Equipment Moving Services


Get the best equipment moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.

The time may come when you notice your manufacturing business has outgrown your facility. This may mean a facility expansion or new construction to improve infrastructure or modify production areas. Perhaps even a complete plant relocation will be necessary. In any of these events, it is crucial to ensure the safe relocation of your valuable production machinery. Whether you’re transporting existing or brand new industrial equipment, it is important to select an experienced heavy equipment mover for the job so that your industrial machinery is safely transported, relocated, and installed.


There are many reasons why moving and rigging heavy equipment can be complex and may often present extra challenges for any business. Facilities are complex structures that contain many intricate systems, moving parts, and heavy machinery. Moving any of these parts without proper planning or expertise can be disastrous. In order to prepare for facility relocation, new facility construction or retrofitting, there are many issues to consider. The following potential issues are examples of situations to be aware of:

  • Modifications: New equipment and conveyor configurations may need on-site modifications for full installation even in new machinery installations.
  • Customizations: Established manufacturing facilities may be challenged when consolidating existing equipment from multiple locations due to needed customizations and constraints in the existing building structure.
  • Installation: Manufacturer differences in production equipment, conveyor connections, and system controls may create installation issues.
  • Equipment damage: Damage to production equipment may occur during the dismantling phase if industrial equipment movers are not familiar with your business or do not have the required expertise.
  • Delays: Equipment installations may be delayed if machine movers do not install equipment promptly, causing excessive downtime.
  • Hidden fees: Some firms may charge hidden fees, such as extra travel costs, which can be avoided by selecting a firm with a proven track record for speed and successful installation.


Our company  has the tools and experienced personnel to offer complete project management of your equipment move. As your partner in heavy equipment moving, the expertise of our machine movers during your equipment relocation is critical to avoiding downtime, damaged equipment, or costly over-charges. As your professional equipment mover, BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA can also provide equipment modification and improvement services to adapt your machines to the new site. Using a professional equipment moving firm like BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA that offers both construction capability as well as heavy moving and installation experience with the ability to complete all conveyor connections and system controls, will ensure production continuity and the best results.


Even with the best planning, sometimes things don’t go as planned. In the event of a delay or gap in your schedule between moving and installation, you will need to partner with a trusted equipment mover who can guarantee safe storage for your machinery. As your provider of professional moving solutions, BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA can offer this peace of mind to provide temporary secure storage for your valuable equipment.

Your production installation team should have full facility contractor capabilities who will provide ongoing industrial support. BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA is your production equipment installation contractor with strong client references. We offer a site visit to a recent project for you to gain insight and see for yourself first-hand. There you will get a preview of our knowledge and commitment to the successful installation of your production equipment relocation as well as our ability to handle all of your future upgrade requirements.


BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA will use the same level of care and expertise to relocate your production equipment short moves across town or longer moves across the country. No matter the distance of your move, we can provide complete design and installation of production systems from concept to optimum output. With the ability to adapt equipment to your new site or complete structural modifications to improve utilization of an existing facility, we ensure the most creative solutions for all industrial applications. In addition to equipment moving services anywhere in the nation, we are able to provide new or upgraded electrical services, program and install production equipment controls, complete building modification and reinforcements, complete mechanical installations or improvements, and other necessary construction services to streamline your equipment or production system installation. The BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA team of certified rigging, crane and forklift operators is fully trained to handle your equipment moves. Safety of the equipment and safety of all site personnel is always a top priority and carefully managed in every equipment move and installation.

Our years of equipment moving experience within industrial facilities has also trained us to look for the most cost-effective approach that will limit the impact to existing production areas and often requires the use of compact hoisting and rigging equipment. The ability to remove and install equipment within limited aisle and building clearance not only saves manufacturing downtime, it also significantly decreases the overall project costs by reducing the amount of building and existing equipment modifications necessary to gain access for the new equipment. BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA can complete all of your equipment moving needs with full-service capabilities including the following:

Compact hoisting and heavy rigging equipment capacity from 3,000 to 60,000 pounds
Jacking system up to 300 tons
Dollie system up to 200 tons
Crane hoist capacity up to 210 tons
Heavy equipment transport within Springfield or across Missouri or anywhere in the nation
Dismantle, crate, transport, reassemble and position single piece equipment or entire production areas
Set, anchor, and install electrical and mechanical connections to fully complete equipment installation
As a leader in industrial construction services, BESTCARE MOVERS NAIROBI KENYA ’s expert equipment movers complete relocations quickly, providing extra time efficiency and cost savings. They will work with you to avoid schedule delays and meet your production deadline goals. In order to keep vital production running, industrial equipment can be moved in stages. Through advanced critical path preparation, our teams can quickly move and install equipment as well as complete any required upgrades to your industrial systems.

Domestic Moving and Relocation


Get the best domestic moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.


Are you moving soon? We are affordable and experienced movers in Nairobi, Kenya. Request your free estimate by filling out our quick form above.

domestic moving services in nairobi kenya
domestic moving services in nairobi kenya

Is it that time that you are thinking of relocating to another apartment, a house or a better office for your business? If you are looking for a delivery service company that doesn’t break the bank but also keeps a high standard when it comes to caring for your priceless household goods or your expensive work laptops, desk top computers, furniture, all work related equipment and everything in between, then Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya is the best choice for you. We are a licensed moving and relocation company ready and able to help with any and all kinds of projects you may have in mind.

We have a great well trained and skilled customer service team that’s always ready to answer any of your moving questions and also take your orders. Our truck drivers have undergone extensive training and background checks and are simply the best at manning our removal trucks. Our loaders and unloading experts are also the best packers and movers around in Kenya. They have extensive training and they have experience that enables them to deliver excellent results to all of our moving clients. They can handle any size moves. You simply won’t go wrong by picking us.


When it comes to movers, your best bet in hiring your next moving company is first by knowing exactly what your moving needs are and pairing them up with the best moving company to help meet them.

That can be quite a challenge especially because there’s a long list of relocating companies available in Nairobi city and though out Kenya. Often times you find that your local, or national, or international highly rated moving and relocation company might not be the company to offer the best moving services at the best and affordable prices to meet your expectations. Cheap movers with their cheap moving trucks can cost you a lot too if they don’t have the experience and the knowledge to perform their services.

Here at Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya, Our removal service Packages are made to be flexible and can be adjusted and readjusted to meet all of your moving requirements. Some of our clients require only a driver and a truck to move. In this case, they will hire our truck and driver and get their own moving helpers or get family and friend to help them in the packing and loading of the truck, and also the un-load and the arranging of the house hold goods at the final destination. We also do commercial transport work and serve office moving clients who only need a truck and they get their stuff members to help in the loading and un-loading. This kind of flexibility and custom arrangements help our clients save money and stay on budget while also getting some great services from us.

We also serve clients who need our loading and unloading experts to take care of the moving process from unpacking to packing end to end. We have all the packages to cater for any unique needs our customers may have.


It’s no secret that we are actually the best among all movers in Nairobi, Kenya. We have achieved this by making sure that we equip our removal experts and our truck drivers with ongoing skills and training to better serve our clients. Below is some of our transportation, relocations and delivery services we offer.


Are you moving house soon? The list of house movers in Nairobi is actually a very long, long one. To make sure that we are on top and stand apart from our competition, we make sure that we go beyond the normal expectation of all of our esteemed clients. Most of our apartment and house moving new business comes to us through word of mouth from our previous happy clients. This tell you that we are doing something right and we are proud of it. We have a fleet that will satisfy all kinds of our client’s requirements. We have pickup trucks, cargo vans, all sizes of canter trucks and tow trucks available and we can take all kinds of jobs from small delivery assignments to huge goods and cargo transportation and delivery work. Learn more about our apartment and house packers and movers services HERE or order for your house or apartment removal here.


Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya provides corporate movers services to all businesses looking to change office locations in Nairobi, Kenya and beyond. We know how challenging the thought of relocating large offices can be and we are here to help ease that and make sure that all of your office equipment, furniture and paintings are packaged well and all the goods reach their final office location without damages. We provide very affordable prices and will make custom adjustable removals and transportation packages to cater for all of your unique needs. Find out more about our office moving service here or make your order now here.


We all know that accidents and car breakdowns are un predictable and we have to do the best we can to make sure that we are well prepared if the unfortunate occasional breakdown happens and you need a tow truck to get your car to a garage or some other safer place. We have a service we call “Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya Towing on Demand” where we provide towing services to all our client. We have flatbed tow trucks to make sure that your car is not damaged further while it’s being transported. Find out and learn more about our towing truck services here. Order for our tow truck transport services here.


We are you looking for transporters who can provide you with heavy machinery Relocating and transporting services? Oversized and heavy machines moving and relocation projects require different types of packaging and transporting trucks to ensure they are expertly and securely packed for the move in accordance with the laws.

machine moving and relocation services nairobi kenya
machine moving and relocation services nairobi kenya

Here at Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya, we specialize in this kind of cargo transport and we have experts onboard to make sure your cargo is fastened well before the move. Our machinery relocation equipment includes forklift, hydraulic jacks, rollers, cranes and our heavy machine moving expert technicians. To order for our heavy machine delivery services, please call  0725548383


Are you looking to move from one county to another or across the country? Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya will get you there safely and on time! Here at Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya we are known for great customer service and we work hard to keep that reputation for our local relocating clients.

office moving services home moving domestic moving international moving machine moving nairobi kenya mover storage
office moving services home moving domestic moving international moving machine moving nairobi kenya mover storage

We have brought the same professional skills to develop our expedited and value packed long distance relocations service in order to meet our client needs. With our long distance packages, you can expect safe and quick transportation time to your new location.

Taking into account of our outstand customer service, affordable long distance moving packages and our long distance relocations experts, there’s no reason for you not to order for your move today.


Whether you are renovating your home, cleaning up your home or office area, cleaning up after a building construction project or anything else in between, you will benefit from our junk removal services.

exhauster services nairobi kenya waste sludge sewage trucks rent
exhauster services nairobi kenya waste sludge sewage trucks rent

If you are looking to cleanup, we are the number 1 rated company when it comes to junk removal. Our customer service is ready to answer all of you question and our junk removal experts happily do a great job. Call us today to make your order: 0725548383


At Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya removals and relocation, we handle all kinds of international moving jobs. We provide our clients with all kinds of international moving related services that you may require. Our customer service is just a phone call away to answer to any and all of your questions that you may have while you try to prepare for your relocation from one country or location to the next. Our International moving division helps our clients move effortlessly and we hold their hands and guide them through the correct steps that could otherwise result to mistakes and unnecessary issues that may cause delays.

Our logistics and international movers have extensive experience which not many relocating companies here in Nairobi and Kenya in general can handle. We also provide you with enough storage for your goods should you need one. We are here to help you relocate without much hustle. Take advantage of all our international relocating, expatriate mobility and logistics services. Let us safely keep your house hold goods at our storage locations and help take a load off your mind. Find out more about our international relocating services here and call us


WIt is so surprising how quickly we do accumulate things over a period of time, and which is why Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya’s household storage and warehousing services for our international movers is exceptionally useful and so much in demand. Whether you are a Kenyan looking for storage and relocation or an expatriate going home for a visit and just needs a storage for a short while or a long period, we can help. Find out more about our storage and warehousing services here and call us to get our experts help at: +254 794681029


We handling all kinds of the last mile moving and delivery jobs that helps get our clients’ goods to their doorstep. We handle individual and corporate furniture deliveries, and anything in between for both organizations, commercial and residential clients. We also do super market and mall deliveries for our clients buying bulky goods like washing machines, fridges, furniture, carpets, gas cookers and cylinders, etc. We also do perishable goods transporting which involves all kinds of foods and farming produce goods using our refrigerated fiber glass trucks. If you have any moving project whether big or small and you are wondering if Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya will do it, just call us and chances are that we do! We are the best furniture movers and our number is: 0725548383


We are working to develop a product we call “cube Relocations services” that will further save our clients’ money when it comes to cheaper moving. The service will work by us providing clients with moving containers where they get like 1 to 3 days to pack it with their good, and then our driver comes with a moving truck and picks it to deliver the goods to the new location. This kind of transportation service will help our movers willing to do the loading and unloading themselves save more money from the moving costs. No removal companies offer the service at the moment. Find out more about our BESTCARE MOVING SERVICES NAIROBI KENYA service here.


At Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya we make custom packages for all kinds of moves which means that we can match or beat all of the other moving companies in Kenya. Some projects may require extra fees but we keep our clients informed all through the process and unlike other companies, we never charge any extra fees apart from the agreed amounts before taking the job. Our costing includes packing and unpacking services, extra pick-ups at a storage facility or disassembling furniture. There is no obligation to just order or call us to get your moving quotes. You won’t regret contacting us to get your no obligation FREE ESTIMATE.


We aren’t joking when we say we are simply the best solution for you when it comes to all kinds or removals. We know that there is a lot of competition when it comes to movers and packers service providers in Nairobi and Kenya in General. But if you are looking for creative local movers who are flexible and can meet all of your needs at an affordable cost, then Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya is the company to contact today. Some of our competitors are BESTCARE MOVING SERVICES NAIROBI KENYA, Alpha, Nellions, Ahadi, KejaMove, Prestige and AGS to name just but a few of the local moving companies. Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya is the best among them all and our services are pocket friendly compared to all of them. ORDER FOR YOUR MOVE TODAY HERE.


Moving is one of the things that no one really enjoys doing but there comes a time that you have to move. When that time comes, the best thing you can do to make it easy for you and your movers is prepare well in advance. We have made a list of really good moving preparation guideline you can follow to make the experience as painless as possible. Find out more at how to prepare for house moving here. Find out how to prepare for office moving here.

Exhauster & Waste Removal in Kenya

Exhauster Services, Honey Sucker Services, Sludge Removal, Human Waste Removal, Septic Tank Emptying  & Waste Removal Services in Kenya

The best exhauster services and waste removal in Nairobi Kenya, waste disposal, honey sucker, sludge disposal. Call Bestcare if you need to extract and dispose of the waste in your septic tank. You will access affordable waste removal and disposal services from the best exhauster and cleaning services company near you

exhauster services nairobi kenya waste and sludge removal and disposal in kenya
exhauster services nairobi kenya waste and sludge removal and disposal in kenya

Exhauster Services Nairobi

The best exhauster services and waste removal in Nairobi Kenya, waste disposal, honey sucker, sludge disposal. Call Bestcare if you need to extract and dispose of the waste in your septic tank. You will access affordable waste removal and disposal services from the best exhauster and cleaning services company near you


For the best Exhauster services, waste removal, sludge removal, honey sucker services in Nairobi Kenya, contact Bestcare Services on 0725548383. Bestcare Facilities Management Services is a firm based in Nairobi kenya that offers, among others, Exhauster Services, waste management and disposal solutions, septic construction and maintenance services, Septic tank cleaning, bio-digester clearing and maintenance services
exhauster services nairobi kenya waste sludge sewage trucks rent
exhauster services nairobi kenya waste sludge sewage trucks rent
We also offer soakpits services, plumbing services and works, sewer lines cleaning, pit latrines disluding and more. Our exhauster prices vary depending on the distance from the sucking and discharge locations. We are the best and most reliable in exhauster services, septic desludging , emptying pit latrines and all draining works.


The best exhauster services you could ever work with in Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, Machakos, Nakuru, Eldoret and the rest of Kenya. Always on time and exhauster services available at very friendly market rates in Kenya.

Liquid Waste Collection & Disposal

Providing you with a wide range of liquid waste disposal services across Nairobi and Kenya, we deliver industry accredited and professional liquid waste disposal services at the most competitive rates.

We offer liquid waste disposal services for the commercial, industrial, utilities, marine and domestic sectors.

As a liquid waste disposal company, the services we carry out include sewage disposal, oily water disposal, sludge and silt disposal, catch pit and interceptor cleaning, bund emptying, bentonite disposal, gully cleaning, pond draining, well-draining, leachate collection and more.

There is no need for you to book additional services from different companies as we can do it all with just one call. Our company provides tankering services, combination units, grab lorry services, CCTV drain surveys, pump station services, sewage treatment plant services and high pressure water jetting with our van pack jetting units.

24-hour Emergency Exhauster Service
Our teams are available 24 hours a day – every day. We will work with you to understand what you need to manage your liquid waste disposal & collection and help you find the best solution for your business or home.

To ensure you get the best possible service, we have invested in our people and equipment to provide the skills and tools to deliver value for money.

Number ONE Exhauster Services in Nairobi & Mombasa
We are the leading waste removal company in Nairobi & Mombasa Kenya. We handle waste clearance in a professional and environment friendly manner. We ensure all our customers get affordable waste removal services in London by Quick Wasters..

Household Waste Removal and Office Clearance

Cheap Household waste removal services and office clearance in Nairobi & Mombasa
Are you looking to get the waste removed from your house or office? Then you are on the right place. We offer cheap household junk removal and office clearance services in Nairobi & Mombasa  and all around the zones.

As waste removal services provider we have taken the initiative to be the best company in London while being the most affordable and reliable services provider for all the people in Nairobi & Mombasa .

  • Household Waste removal
  • Garden Junk Clearance kENYA

exhauster services in nairobi mombasa nakuru kiambu muthaiga limuru kikuyu kenya

Why chose OUR Exhauster Services?

• Fully licensed waste collection company • Professional and reliable services to all the customers • Fast services and friendly staff • High standard vehicles for all the collections • Competitive prices • Only pay for the Space Use • Same day services • No permits required • Waste reused and recycled

Household wastes, also called sewage, consist of debris that originates from toilets, sinks, kitchen garbage disposals, baths, and showers. Industrial wastes can be a few of the same, however will normally also include impurities like producing by-products that are flushed with the manufacturing facilities or other commercial facility’s sewage system.

Waste Removal is the process of collection, transport, processing, recycling, handling and monitoring of waste materials. Waste management typically connects to products produced by human activity and is typically carried out to decrease their impact on health, environment or aesthetics. Waste at home is among the headache that most people experience and it can minimize or get rid of by the waste management or removal companies. When the waste collection is severe, the smart part is to call the waste removal company, since it might be a risky procedure if not manages well

Waste can likewise be pointed out as “Rubbish”, which includes damaging items such as broken glasses, harmed metal items, commercial wastes, construction waste items, etc. These rubbish are much unsafe while collecting, thus employing the expert waste removal company to handle those things is the very best choice.

A great deal of services are provided by these companies like removing commercial waste, professional waste, biodegradable waste, garbage collection, snow removal, human waste, animal waste and hazardous waste. By means of these services, it makes the environment to get rid of harmful waste. There are also Wastebaskets readily available at corner of the streets or at some corners of your house, this is imply for collecting the waste and when the cans have actually filled, the waste management company recollects the cans and replaces the new one. The gathered waste needs to go through recycling procedure and these recycled products can be offered in the market and business can buy such items to further sustain the environment and natural resources. The collected waste has to be transferred to the recycling process location, by means of automobiles.

The vehicle motorists need to compulsory have a driving license and approval in certain council locations to carry waste. And in the processing stage, separation includes, which separates the waste for reusing therapy. In this process, only some of the waste can be recycled and for this reason they are packed as basic material after the therapy. The uncycled products are provided straight to landfills. Fluid and Hazardous waste are delivered to the treatment plants to end up being less dangerous to the general public. This process can be done by the waste removal companies. Nowadays there are great deals of waste removal companies emerge and we can recommend Bestcare Exhauster Services, which is the professional waste management company that provides a customized and quality service at affordable rate. Quick Wasters is specialized in Domestic Removal, Home Removal and Moving, Student Relocation, Waste Recycling, Transportation of Waste, etc. They also provide online services with 24/7 timing. For this reason eliminate waste by employing waste removal company and keep away from hazardous things.


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